DanielRM | Cinematographer


Ever Since is a short film about a young woman who revisits her memories of a small coastal town. Hopeful, wistful and alone, she tries to reconnect with a friendship she once made.

Ever Since was written, produced, shot and editing over 6 months in early 2014. With a core team of four and an extended crew of twenty two, this project was made possible by the passion of its team members and the generous funding of over 100 pledgers through Kickstarter. This has been the first short film that I’ve been apart of from start to finish. Its been an incredibly difficult, emotional and a trying experience but one that has taught me so much. Of course, there are things I wish I could change about the film, but I’ll put those into practise on the next piece. Its been an incredible pleasure making this piece, and I hope you enjoy it.



Directed by
Tom Fuller & Graham Baird

Written by
Holly-Ann Filtness & Roman Kemp

Lydia Graham

Nick Radley

Voice of Milo
Roman Kemp

Produced by
Natasha Farrar
Archie Stewart

Executive Producers
Daniel Morgan
Roman Kemp
Lionel Morgan

Original Score by
Samuel Howard & Ian Jenkins

Director of Photography
Daniel Morgan

1st AD
Natasha Farrar

Tom Fuller
Graham Baird
Simon Richardson

Joseph Bicknell

Art Director
Sarah Fassnidge

Production Assistant
Luke Morgan

Assistant Camera
Joe Dunn

Sound Recordist
Jay Barnett

Dubbing Mixer
Thaddios Yianni
Directors Cut Films

Stills Photographer
Joe Conway

Print Designers
Harriet McDougal

Aim Image

Clothing Provided by

All Equipment Provided by
Aim Image

A Special Thanks To:
Ahmad Ahmadzadeh
Aim Image
Linda Dale
Lisa Opie
Luka Joy Bradshaw
Sarah Bunter
AMCK Models

The National Trust
Anthony and all at Levant Tin Mine
Patrick at Trevillett Mill
Ben, Nicky and all at St Nectons Glen
Wendy Thomas

Kickstarter Backers:
Lionel H Morgan
Patrick Start
Megan Jones
Liam Davies
Roisin Armstrong
Glenda Goldschmied
Anne Day
Ashley Mathias
Karen Morgan
Sarah Sevant
Maureen Richards
Nicola Swift
Bash Redford
Michelle Gunther
Emma Bosch
Kavina Upadhyay
Andy Barnett
John Biggins
Mike Stevens
Matthew Rankine
Christopher Tournis Gamble
Luka Joy Bradshaw
Roger Morgan
Lisa Opie
Julian Opie Meres
Dominic Murphy
Debbie Manners
Karen Morgan
Debbie Barnett
Benjamin Morgan
Andreas Phanopoulos
Alison Ambrose
Bob & Markie Castle
Isadora Smart
Nick Fell
Siobhan McGonigle
Vanessa Goddevrind
Rachael Sundholm
Phil Kelly
Holly Filtness
Thomas Moodie
Kathy Bravin
Chad Ward
Harriet McDougall
Malcolm Kotwal
Arie Van Der Poel
Thaddaios Yianni
Dom Barrett
Sarah Buggle
Laura Rudd
Lynsey Schonenberger
Ken Donald
Stefanos Carkett
Will de Berker
Paula Dickens
Mathilda Strom
Sabrina Sullivan
Gavin Fatania
Sarah Carr
Anisha Chandarana
Sally Huntington
Morgan Faverty
India Opie Meres
Raven Williams
Louis Selzer
Sara Sundholm
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Carolyn Webb
Charlotte Dobson
Stephanie Bell
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