DanielRM | Cinematographer

The Chase

Short Promo

Arri Alexa Mini

Milo Motion Control Rig

February 18, 2019

The Chase is a short promo that used motion control to merge the action of real life actors onto a 1/6th scale miniature street scene. The movement of the actors was captured first. Then scaled down by 1/6th and repeated on the model street scene. The two shots were then merged to make the final film.

Lighting this was really tricky. I started with the miniature set because I knew that any light that hit the actors would be depicted by their environment. Once I was happy with the scaled model, I started to light our 50ft green screen. We had to measure it all out carefully to make sure that the light would hit the actors at the right time and therefore match up when they are comp’d together. Then we also had to make sure the exposures matched too, luckily this didn’t need to be scaled up but just matched to the model.

Learnt loads on this project, mainly that even on such a technical project like this to still trust your eye.