DanielRM | Cinematographer

We Have Everywhere To Go

Short Film

Alexa Mini / Cooke S2 & K35

5 days on main stage at Beaconsfield Studios

February 19, 2019

We Have Everywhere To Go is a 25 minute short film, shot over a two week period.

5 of our shoot days were on this set build. We had an entire top floor Kensington apartment build which then it transformed into a ground floor Islington flat.

This was a large set build, quite a few rooms that all had to be lit at the same time. Our movement through this space was uninterrupted with cuts so it was important that the entire space was ready and lit.

It was the first time id worked with a scenic painter for our backdrop. Its incredible the detail they are able to create in their work. I really love how the windows turned out all together. We were thinking through what the best treatment would be for them to make them look realistic. Ben our director sent me a still from Pulp Fiction in which their windows were really dirty, it looked really great. So when our Production Designer picked these windows up we saw that the dust on the windows looked really great, so we just left them.